Pesticide Use and Levels in Our Streams

Michael Wines, reporting for the New York Times:

The study, conducted by the United States Geological Survey and published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, monitored scores of pesticides from 1992 to 2011 at more than 200 sampling points on rivers and streams. In both of the last two decades, researchers reported, they found insecticides and herbicides in virtually all of the waterways...

“It’s very clear in the data that regulatory changes in use do affect what you see in the streams,” said Wes Stone, a hydrologist with the Geological Survey in Indianapolis and the lead researcher on the survey. “It’s showing what you would expect, and that’s good.” Mr. Stone and the study’s other two authors, Robert Gilliom and Karen Ryberg, conducted the research as part of the Geological Survey’s National Water-Quality Assessment Program.

Integrated, integrated, integrated, we must learn integrated pest management!