Trout Like Mice

Matt Miller, writing for The Nature Conservancy:

Rainbow trout and grayling actually key in on shrews every two to three years when the mammals may be at peak abundance, much as trout will focus on mayflies or caddis flies when these insects hatch. The small mammals could provide important nutritional value to fish. In peak years, about 25 percent of rainbow trout and grayling larger than 12 inches had eaten the small mammals.

Peter Lisi, lead author of the study, was working on other fish research while completing his doctorate under Daniel Schindler at the University of Washington (Lisi is now a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison). The researchers kept finding trout and grayling with shrews in their stomachs. They wondered how often this actually occurred.

No! Try not. Eat, or eat not. There is no try.