Placemaking in Paris

Stephane Kirkland, writing for Project for Public Spaces: 

As Paris enters the final days of a hard-fought Mayoral race, one thing is clear. The terms of political debate permanently shifted during the administration of outgoing Mayor Bertrand Delanoë, and a remarkable consensus has emerged over environmental concerns. When Delanoë took office 13 years ago, he vowed that automobile interests would no longer dominate the city and he would focus on improving public spaces. And he made good on his promise.

Paris is now a radically different place. Less than half of Parisian households own a car and those who do use them far less than the inhabitants of other cities. People have become attached to the quality of life that urban spaces designed as places, and not as conduits for traffic, allow. To be perceived as intending to take that away would be electoral folly for an aspiring Mayor.
Pat Guiney

Pat Guiney

A placemaker must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. Decide you must, how to serve them best. If good for Paris, your job it is here. Already know you that which you need.