Political Instability

[300 word Letter to the Net]

We are experiencing political instability. This at a time with social inequality that is worse than some third-world countries; poor economic resiliency due to large private and public debt; bank executives taking risks at public expense; and diminishing natural resources. Today’s politicians won’t work together to solve these problems. Sometimes people in power have no clear plan on how to govern. The clue is when they rely mostly on ideology and simple, but often wrong, dogma. Ideologue politicians are ever present; however, political instability is rare. Numerous intelligent people have forwarded reasons for this instability.

First, the baby boom generations through their selfishness, irresponsibility, and sheer size are straining the country. From the time they entered school, they’ve pushed systems for their benefit and ambitions often with little regard for others. They can’t be fully blamed, as many have diminished cognitive abilities due to leaded gasoline poisoning and high drug use.

Second, journalism has diminished. For example, he who watches Fox News is less informed than he who watches nothing. Third, our primary election system promotes partisans over leaders that would govern for the common good. Primary election voters are generally more politically active and radical than the general population; therefore, partisans generally win in this system.

Any solutions? The baby boomer generations will fade with time. Albert Camus, a journalist and philosopher, said, “A free press can be good or bad, but, most certainly, without freedom a press will never be anything but bad.” Thus the solution on degraded journalism falls to us. We need to recognize that “news” is something that those in power want suppressed – the rest might be propaganda. Finally, establish an open primary system where the top two candidates, regardless of party, go to the general election. This approach appears to have reduced partisanship elsewhere.