An integrated computer modeling system for water resource management

Marlene Cimons, reporting for the National Science Foundation:

Jonathan Goodall’s mission is “to take all these models from different groups and somehow glue them together,” he says.

The National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded scientist and associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Virginia, is working to design an integrated computer modeling system that will seamlessly connect all the different models, enabling everyone involved in the water resources field to see the big picture...

”Models are used by water resource engineers every day to make predictions, such as when will a river crest following a heavy rain storm, or how long until a city’s water supply runs dry during a period of drought,” he adds. “One of the problems with our current models is that they often consider only isolated parts of the water cycle. Our work argues that when you look at all the pieces together, you will come up with a more comprehensive picture that will result in more accurate predictions.”