Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Pollution of Lake Champlain is theft

Joe Banner Baird, reporting for the Burlington Free Press: 

Mixing urgency with humor, environmental advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Thursday morning skewered corporate culture that has brought “pollution-based prosperity” around the world. “Everybody in Burlington; every child has the right to go down to this lake and catch a fish and bring it home to take it home and feed it to his family with the security that they’re not going to poison someone,” Kennedy said. “But there’s mercury in every fish in this lake.

“When the mercury is in the lake, in the fish, that’s an act of theft,” Kennedy concluded. “Somebody has misused the lake, and corrupted the public trust, and stolen from the public. This is ancient law.”

Fixing our economic system with the use of price signals in addition to regulation may work. We need to think about how the system is setup and how to reduce the political cover that large polluters currently enjoy at our cost.